Whisky production may return to Edinburgh

21st November, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

A new whisky distillery that uses “top secret” methods to speed up maturation may be built in Edinburgh if plans are approved, marking the return of malt whisky production to the city in almost a century.


Whisky production may return to Edinburgh after 90 years if plans for a new brewery and distillery are approved, and funding is secured

As reported by Edinburgh News, proposals have been submitted to build a new brewery in the South Queensferry area of the city, turning part of the site into a whisky distillery.

While there are distilleries in Edinburgh which produce other spirits, such as the Spencerfield Spirits Company which recently revealed its first batch of gin, the last malt whisky distillery closed in the city in 1925.

Plans to build Forth Bridge Brewery under the Queensferry Crossing have been proposed by Dave Robertson, a former member of the UK sailing team who is hoping to secure £3 million in funding for the project.

Robertson has already secured half a million pounds in investment and hopes to speed up the maturation process of his Scotch whisky using “top secret” production methods.

“I wanted to be able to combine various aspects into one job – marketing, brewing, hospitality. I wanted to create something unique, an icon for Scottish business,” Robertson told Edinburgh News.

“At the end of the day, this business is going to be unique from the word go. We have had a couple of setbacks, but they are all behind us now. As one of my business advisers said to me, go big or go home. The first six months will be quite tight on us, but we’ll go with the flow.”

The plans also include a restaurant and bar and 44 fermentation tanks to produce craft beer. It is thought that the site would have capacity to produce 110,000 litres of beer, whisky, vodka and gin every week.

Forth Bridge also claims that if plans are approved, it will become the “world’s first” 100% sustainable brewery and distillery.

3 Responses to “Whisky production may return to Edinburgh”

  1. Tony Bryer says:

    I think the North British Grain Whisky distillery might be surprised to learn that it didn’t exist! There hasn’t been a Malt Whisky distillery since the 1920s, but NB is alive and well and very productive!

  2. James Donaldson says:

    It’s probably worth noting that South Queensferry is fully 10 miles from the centre of Edinburgh rather than an ‘area of the city’.

  3. Ewan Black says:

    Fast maturation or not – they’re still going to have to barrel it for a minimum of 3 years before they can sell it as whisky!

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