Eva Green stars in Campari’s 2015 calendar

7th November, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Campari officially unveiled the images comprising its 2015 calendar starring James Bond Casino Royale actress Eva Green at a red carpet event in London.


French actress Eva Green depicts classic cocktail in the Campari Calendar 2015

Based on the concept of “Mythology Mixology”, the 2015 edition is the 16th calendar in the collection and aims to celebrate the brand’s “unique and intriguing” history and the “intrinsic” stories related to 12 of its best-loved classic cocktails.

“We have a very personal connection to this year’s Campari Calendar as it is designed to celebrate the brand itself,” said Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari. “The theme, Mixology Mythology, is really about exploring the whole personality of the Campari brand – past, present and future.”

For the first time ever, Campari employed the talents of a female photographer to shoot the calendar, Julia Fullerton-Batten.

Speaking at a Q&A discussion at the launch alongside Fullerton-Batten and Kunze-Concewitz, Green said: “It is such a beautiful calendar.

“It’s classic and quite funny because my mum has always been such a big fan of Campari and always had the Negroni cocktail, so it’s quite nostalgic for me – it reminds me of my mother.

“The January Negroni picture is one of my favourites because it was very romantic, but I also love the astronaut outfit as well.”

Just 9,999 copies of the calendar have been printed, none of which will go on sale but instead will be gifted to Campari fans.

“I definitely don’t see it ever being released for sale,” commented Julka Villa, senior director of global aperitifs, wines and cordial for Gruppo Campari. “It’s something from us as a gift, and will remain a gift in future.”

Click through to the following pages to see the 12 images and cocktails that make up Eva Green’s 2015 Campari calendar. 

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