Chilgrove Gin agrees export deal in Canada

4th November, 2014 by Melita Kiely

One of the UK’s newest gin brands has just signed its first major export deal in Canada off the back of the country’s “soaring interest” for the category.


Sussex brand Chilgrove Gin has agreed its first major export deal in Canada

Initially launched in the UK earlier this year, Chigrove Gin hails from the Sussex hamlet of Chilgrove in the South Downs National Park and claims to be the “first English gin” made using alcohol distilled from grapes rather than cereals.

In partnership with The British Bottle Company (BBC), Chilgrove Gin has agreed an export deal with Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) – the government-owned corporation responsible for the trade of alcoholic beverages.

According to SAQ, gin accounts for 10% of all spirit sales in Quebec, with British gin imports generating more than CA$36 million.

“English gin is soaring in interest in Canada,” said Christoper Beaumont-Hutchings, co-founder of Chilgrove Gin. “English gin is soaring in interest in Canada.

“A new generation of gin drinking clubs and bars, such as Le Pourvoyeur in Montreal which stocks over 50 gins from eight countries, are influential in fuelling this interest in the provenance and innovation in gin.

“New names such as Chilgrove and other artisan English spirits are gaining a big following.

“The classic Gin & Tonic remains the popular serve, but local variations take advantage of iconic home-grown ingredients such as maple syrup to create a distinctly Canadian twist on the classics.

“Sales of gin in Canada continue to increase year-on-year and English gin will surely continue to be a huge driver in the premium spirits market in Canada and worldwide.”

Red Johnson, founder of the BBC, added it is a “very exciting” time for British craft exports as Canada is “highly influential” as a market for British luxury drinks brands.

“British exports complement the high quality spirits created by the new generation of Canadian craft distillers, so the market is perfect for a brand such as Chilgrove Gin,” he said.

“We are delighted it is our first major contract.”

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