Top 10 UK distilleries to open in 2014

15th October, 2014 by Becky Paskin

Hoards of investors have rushed to open new distilleries in the UK over the past 12 months, as the spirits renaissance continues to flourish.


The UK has been awash with new distilleries in the last 12 months, from both craft producers and big companies

According to the London Craft Distilling Expo, a whopping 24 new distilleries are to fire up on UK shores before the year is out, more than the combined total of new openings over the last five years.

The majority of these openings, however, are confined to the British mainland and in particular Scotland where distillers have struggled to keep up with increasing global demand for brown spirits.

However, it’s not just whisky these investors are interested in. A global renewed interest in gin, combined with a need to drive revenue before whisky stocks come of age, has resulted in a wave of new Scottish gins come to the fore over the last 12 months.

South of the border in England, a rich whisky industry is bubbling away, as several new establishments fired up the stills this year. Again, gin and future plans for whisky are the predominant spirits of choice, although some are branching out into speciality liqueurs on the side as well.

Unfortunately not one distillery in Northern Ireland or Wales opened, or is set to open, in 2014, despite several in Ireland itself as the Irish whiskey industry gains pace overseas.

However, the growth of new distilleries in the UK is nevertheless encouraging, prompting us to list our top 10 UK distilleries opening in 2014 on the next few pages.

Agree with our list? Have we missed your favourite? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Ewan Black says:

    Sorry – but a big thumbs down from me for yet another site which will rely on it’s location close to St.Andrews to drive sales of a product which they won’t even have for at least the next 3 years and more probably 10 years. Look at Daftmill a stones throw away from them who have been quietly barreling since 2005 and still don’t have a saleable product. Will this lot still be in business in 10 years time, or will they have gone to the wall taking a large chunk of the taxpayers money with them?. We’ll see.

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