Busy bars to benefit from ‘affordable’ robot bartender

13th October, 2014 by Becky Paskin

Bartender robots may seem like nothing more than a science fiction idea, but they could soon become more commonplace after a prototype received £2 million backing.


Monsieur, the artificially intelligent robot bartender, may be coming to a bar near you sooner than you think

The artificially intelligent robotic bartender named Monsieur, which was unveiled through a Kickstarter campaign at the start of this year, has been given a new lease of life after attracting significant funding from seed investors.

Among them are NBA star Glen Davis, NFL player Derrick Morgan, Base Ventures, Paul Judge, TechSquare Labs and BIP Capital leading the round.

The investment will enable the robot’s creators to roll out Monsieur to on-trade accounts across the US this year.

Barry Givens, Monsieur co-founder and CEO, said: “People want smart connected devices that provide great design, choice, and convenience.

“Monsieur is the first to deliver that for bartending and cocktails. This investment will allow us to accelerate our product development.”

Monsieur is something of an intelligent cocktail vending machine, able to dispense up to 25 cocktails while choosing the perfect option for users according to their personal preferences.

The robot also has the ability to make drinks to order remotely via Bluetooth, wifi and Zigbee, and offer commercial businesses business analytics and real-time usage monitoring.

“Social drinking is a core part of the hospitality industry but technology has overlooked it for a century,” said Jamie Hamilton, managing director of BIP Capital’s Early Stage Fund. “Monsieur has built unique products that allow venues to upgrade the customer experience, reduce costs and increase revenue.”

While the first batch of the US$3,999 Monsieur units have already sold out, pre-orders are now being taken.

28 Responses to “Busy bars to benefit from ‘affordable’ robot bartender”

  1. Lynn says:

    It is not surprising two investors would be from the NBA and NFL since when were the concerned about United States jobs. Money comes in from U.S. citizens while probably every piece of clothing and every shoe that hits floor and turf is made somewhere else. It’s how the franchise works. Hand out for the money, hand slapped for a job.

  2. Eugene says:

    So needed. A bartender without an attitude or hired because of its looks.

  3. slops says:

    Nice idea, but some people go to their favorite bar, because it has their favorite bartender. This would be best implemented in trendy night clubs, not at actual bars.

  4. Luft Gekuhlt says:

    A colleague returned from a road trip telling me about a small restaurant chain which is replacing a number of their wait staff with menu tablets. Use the tablet to select and confirm your order, and it will be brought to your table. Same with drink refills. This is the end results of minimum wage laws, Obamacare restrictions, and increase in business regulations.

  5. Frank Average American says:

    For what it’s worth, I will not patronize a bar or restaurant that replaces its staff with robots.

    • KenG says:

      For what it’s worth, you may not have a lot of choices. Fast-food places will automate first, but then chain restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, and the like will follow. They’ll still have a person bring you your food, but you’ll place your order via tablet at your table, or perhaps via an app on your cellphone. You’ll also be able to pay whenever you’re ready to, without waiting for someone to bring you a bill. Ultimately, that model will spread throughout food service. You’ll have a manager, the kitchen staff, and a couple of food runners/table bussers, and that’s about it.

  6. Sean says:

    Yeah, no. A bartender is the only thing that makes me feel like I’m not drinking alone if I wander into a bar by myself. Neat idea, and might be cool in an ultralounge setting, but mostly people will be left wondering why they even leave their own homes if it’s just going to be a robot making their drinks.

  7. Sammie says:

    Maybe at a service bar, but not a bar where people go to mingle, a solo customer likes to have a friendly bartender to talk to.
    More people on unemployment, if this catches on.

  8. Buffmuffin says:

    No way…

    I don’t patronize bars to look at the tits on my robot.

  9. Andy says:

    Fast food workers demanding $15 an hour need to consider this article. Technology is quickly approaching the point when robots will be able to make custom ordered burgers with fires and a soda. Consumers will prefer robots which will always get their order right, won’t contaminate their food with germs, and won’t take an order while exhibiting an attitude. Business owners will prefer robotics to employees who are unreliable, expensive to train, lazy, mistake prone, thieves, and chase way customers with bad customer service. Four employees at $15 an hour (not including matching Social Security, workers comp, unemployment insurance, and other future benefits that will be demanded) is $60 and hour. If a fast food place is open 18 hours a day, that’s $1,040 a day. It wouldn’t take long for a robotic device to pay for itself.

  10. Anonymous isn't Anonymous says:

    “Social drinking” without people serving the drinks? I won’t visit a drinking establishment that does this.

  11. Scboy says:

    No tips for robots

  12. Barry Soetero says:

    Robots don’t steal from the till.

  13. Chapsss says:

    What about the Social Contact andHelping to Mix a Crowd that The Bartender Does all the whilst
    They are mixing drinks~~~~~~And Who will be the Bouncer when things start to escalate as they always Do!

  14. Sounds thrifty. But can it replace a bartender completely? Remember cigarette machines lack of checking id? Scan ID with face recognition and ID card? Possibly. Where I think it would be best is at crowded bars that take forever and a day to get a drink. But is it going to be abuse proof from drunk patrons in college town? Time will tell.

  15. Rob Bennett says:

    The day you can go to the neighborhood bar and talk out your troubles to a friggin robot is the day they might as well go ahead and blow us all to kingdom come.

  16. Ken Rush says:

    Here’s what REALLY happens when you raise minimum wage. And all of you who say “I won’t go to a bar w robot bartenders bc they take jobs from real people” are full of crap. Do you refuse to fly anymore since airlines installed kiosks at airports (and reduced personnel accordingly)? Do you not put your money in a bank anymore since they implemented ATMs? Will you stop going to a restaurant when they utilize robotic food prep/ordering methods that will cut down on needed personnel?

    Doubt it. It’s called creative destruction and is a part of technology that cannot be stopped. It’s onset is only accelerated by moronic short-sighted citizens and politicians clamoring for a higher minimum wage.

  17. Maxwell says:

    It will not be at bars or restaurants Why? It can’t iy someone or cut them off from frinking its a lawsuit DUI waiting to happen.

  18. Esrotica says:

    This is not a robotic bartender, it is a drink dispenser.

  19. Paul says:

    Youtube “Humans Need Not Apply”

  20. Uncle Cliff says:

    A robot would be an upgrade to some of the bartenders I’ve experienced over the years.

  21. ragu4u says:

    But….can he send a hooker to my hotel room like any human bartender?

  22. sazeracme says:

    This is an alcoholic soda fountain. A truly good cocktail cannot be made by a machine. And what about the garnish? I can see it being a good replacement for swill slingers, but not for an actually bartender.

  23. SirLangenMesser says:

    Will they have this at the Cafe’ 80s? Preferably one that looks like Ronald Reagan.

  24. Mattmo79 says:

    So maybe the smart person would learn how to do repair and maintenance on robots and kiosks. Probably pays more than minimum wage!

  25. Robots you say?!? I like my “bartenders” to have a Great Ass, and Perky Tits, so I doubt this will work. Plus, if I’m not receiving an “overpoured” drink, I’m out.

  26. Michael Sweetman says:

    I think these guys should take their money and put it to some good purpose , I have been a Professional Bartender for many years and I think this is as bad as some of these drinks on tap like the Mojito and the Cosmo,

    The art of making a Cocktail is something that people love to see, this concept is for the places that just pump out drinks to the people that just go out to get hammered like the US university campus .
    I would never entertain the likes of this in any bar I worked in .

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