Albion Racing Club launches summer race

29th July, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

British spiced malt brand Albion Racing Club has revealed details of its next summer race, The Salcombe Run.


British spiced malt Albion Racing Club has launched its first summer race

Taking place between London and Salcombe, Devon, between 26 and 28 September 2014, the race, called The Salcombe Run – The Only Way is Trafalgar, features a Lord Nelson theme.

Anyone can join the race, which will see teams of up to four people entering in an “interesting vehicle” of their choice.

Launched in March this year, Albion Racing Club is a British spiced malt aims to appeal to younger whisky drinkers and is described as having “some characteristics of whisky”, but with a sweeter taste profile.

To support marketing efforts, Albion Racing Club will host two races every year: one in the summer and one in the winter.

Its inaugural winter race – The Alpine Run 2014 – took place on 21 to 24 March and saw a collection of British vehicles race from the brand’s Cambridgeshire distillery to Meribel via Burgundy.

Participants in this latest race will take part in a number of “Nelson-themed” tasks along the Trafalgar Way, en route to Salcombe.

On Saturday 28 September, will take part in a dinghy race, water-based challenges and a cocktail competition.

“Albion Racing Club is delighted to be building on the momentum of our launch year with the announcement of our next caper: The Salcombe Run – The Only Way is Trafalgar,” said Justin Wright, co-founder of Albion Racing Club.

“As ever, the A.R.C. team will be taking our vintage Landy and expect the A.R.C. stunt plane to make an appearance along the way as we engage in a little water-based horseplay in Salcombe.”

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