Ten tips to become a brand ambassador

12th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Many a bartender has sought heady heights of mixology fame by becoming a spirits brand ambassador – 10 of the world’s best give us their tips on how this can be achieved.


We ask a group of 10 spirits brand ambassadors to give us the lowdown on how one can enter their glamorous profession

International travel, cocktail-making and educating both consumers and trade on the virtues of your brand are just some of the things a spirits brand ambassador is required to do on a daily basis.

This seemingly glamorous, jet-setting profession is usually reserved for the particularly accomplished or long-serving and revered bartender who has cannily caught the attention of a spirits brand.

Often, these ambassadors have won cocktail competitions sponsored by a particular brand, and get to travel the world, singing its praises as part of the prize.

Though their role differs between company, country and category, the job of the brand ambassador is rather self-explanatory: they are hired to advocate their brand and educate consumers and bartenders on its versatility.

Also, they give a brand a face and indeed become the physical embodiment of the name. But how can one enter this much-coveted, if somewhat elusive profession?

Click through the following pages to see our 10 tips on how to become a spirits brand ambassador.

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