Shots banned in Sydney bars after midnight

28th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Australia’s tough drinking laws will be taken a step further in central Sydney this summer when bars will be banned from serving shots, doubles and pre-mixed drinks after midnight.

Australia drinking laws

Shots, doubles and mixers will be banned from being sold in Sydney bars after midnight under strengthened drinking legislation

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, punters will also be forbidden from buying more than four drinks at a time after 12am and more than two drinks per person after 2am in order to prevent “stockpiling” of alcohol in the run-up to the 3am curfew of drinks service.

In a bid to curtail violent behaviour, officials in New South Wales introduced a new law at the beginning of this year forcing liquor stores to close at 10pm and banning nightclubs in popular nightlife area Kings Cross, in Sydney, from admitting punters 1.30am or serve drinks after 3am.

The measure was introduced after numerous reports of alcohol-induced violent behaviour in Sydney, particularly “coward punches” which have dominated local headlines in the past year.

Other extensions to the legislation include a ban on the admittance of those wearing “gang colours” to venues within the CBD entertainment precinct and a ban on venues “with a history of violence” from serving drinks in glass after midnight.

Bars must also refuse entry to those seen drinking on approach to a venue and also not promote “high risk drinks” which can be consumed quickly.

From October this year, RSA marshals must be enlisted during “high risk” periods at venues with a history of violence, while bartenders and security guards must hold Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) competency cards.

Troy Grant, Hospitality minster for New South Wales, described the strengthened measures as a “call to arms” by the local community.

“We’ve got a clear message for those buffoons who bring a bad image and name to our city and behave appalling to lead to violence: enough is enough. We’re not going to cop it any more,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

The measures will come into force on 18 July.

2 Responses to “Shots banned in Sydney bars after midnight”

  1. Kingcrosser says:

    Horrible and short sighted thinking here. Will decrease my business’s profitability by roughly 20%!

  2. Jeremy. says:

    @kingcrosser Typical response from a bar owner – only interested in the jangle of coins in the greasy till. If the bar owners had adopted more responsible measures long ago the regulations would not have to be imposed.

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