IRA moonshine operation busted by customs

27th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

A multi-million euro moonshine operation run by members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) for the past two decades has been uncovered by customs in Ireland.

counterfeit fake vodka

Customs and police in Ireland have uncovered what they believe is the site of illicit alcohol operations run by the IRA

According to the Sunday Independent, the operation has been running in the Border area of the country since the early 1990s.

On Wednesday 21 May, customs officers and police seized over 110,000 bottle closures, 400,000 counterfeit vodka labels and 500 cardboard outer cases in Kilcurry, County Louth.

A customs spokesperson said that although counterfeit alcohol was found, a bottle filing machine and ancillary equipment were seized.

The bottling plant is thought to be part of the IRA’s illicit alcohol activity, though authorities have yet to confirm whether an illegal distillery is in operation in the area.

It is believed the IRA began increased its moonshine operations when security along the Border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland softened.

Two people were questioned and released without charge, while investigations are continuing after the raid.

“Revenue would like to remind the public that cheap alcohol from an irregular source is likely to be counterfeit and could potentially cause serious harm if consumed,” added the Customs spokesperson.

“It also takes much needed funds from the Exchequer and hurts legitimate trade.”

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