Frozen cocktail trend booms in US

7th May, 2014 by Melita Kiely

Frozen cocktails are experiencing a surge in popularity in the US as an increasing number of bars add frozen-style tipples to their menus.


The US is seeing a growing number of bars creating frozen-style cocktails

In Kansas City, the trend has proved so prevalent that an entire bar has been built around the concept, called Snow and Company.

Other American bars adopting the notion include New York’s Battery Harris and Mothers Ruin, Chicago’s Drumbar and Houston’s The Pastry War.

“We set out to make frozen drinks that were of the same calibre as higher end cocktail places,” explained Jerry Nevins, co-owner of Snow and Company. “As we like to say at Snow, most frozen drink places are made for effect, while we take taste into account.”

Recognised as a way by which consumers can remember the childhood enjoyment of sipping frozen drinks such as Icees, frozen cocktails seem to be the go-to adult alternative.

Nervins continued: “My take on it is that you have generations of people that grew up drinking Icees and other frozen drinks at local convenience stores as a kid and they want that same experience as adults, but with cocktails instead of non-alcoholic beverages when they’re out.”

With Snow and Company reporting that frozen cocktails accounted for approximately 60% of all store sales during the spring and summer periods, falling to just 51% in January, it seems the popularity surrounding frozen cocktails is not just a seasonal fad.

“I’d say demand for frozen drinks is actually year round,” added Nervins. “We see the same spike in sales volume that most restaurants or bars do as far as seasonality but our percentage of frozen cocktails sold is really pretty steady.”

Last month, frozen cocktail brand Köld released a selection of pre-batched frozen cocktails in the UK.

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