Top 10 most pioneering US craft distilleries

29th April, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

The craft distilling movement is bigger and better than ever before, but these are 10 of the most pioneering distilleries identified by the American Craft Distillers Association (ACDA).


This is the American Craft Distillers Association’s list of top 10 pioneering US craft distilleries

A wave of craft distillers are shaping the global spirits scene, reigniting consumer interest in all that is small batch, homespun, authentic and independent.

As the big drinks industry players battle to tap into the booming craft trend by acquiring independent distilleries, and some of these vicinities aim to expand their own global reach, others stand true to the ethos upon which they were founded.

The US in particular has one of the most exciting and innovative craft spirits scenes in the world, endeavouring to test industry boundaries and promote the work of independent distillers across the country, from Colorado to New York.

This list of the top 10 most pioneering US craft distilleries is based on recommendations from the ACDA.

The association claims that although some of these distilleries have sold to the industry big guns and have produced beyond the volume of what it classes as “craft”, they no-less pioneered the movement for future producers.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 most pioneering US craft distilleries”

  1. Dominick says:

    Cisco Brewers – Triple Eight Distillery & Nantucket Vineyards…

    located on the island of nNantucket 30 miles out to sea not only represents a unique location for a production facility however is one of only 5 locations in the US that has all three facilities on the same site. Not only do they distill a full range of sprits but their NOTCH (which stands for Nanatucket-Scotch) is the highest rated American Whiskey which is only available at the distillery and of course sells for $888 per bottle.

  2. R. Thompson says:

    Very interesting article! There are some great distilleries listed. A few I’ve tried and a few still on the list to try.
    I love the experimentation going on with the craft distilleries around the country. Only time will tell what great expressions will come from this experimenting. I look forward to it!

  3. sue says:

    Domaine Charbay in Northern California should have made the top ten, its rising fast and lots of PR.

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