How to make the perfect Mojito cocktail

26th March, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

It may be the world’s most popular cocktail, drunk in almost every country around the world regardless of rain, snow or sun, but a good Mojito can be hard to come by.


We ask a panel of expert judges how they think the perfect Mojito cocktail should be made

Usually despised by the bartending community for the effort needed to create it – as well as the sheer quantity ordered by patrons in one go – the Mojito is one cocktail whose simplicity is what makes it great.

Rum, sugar, lime, mint and soda is all that’s needed, built in a glass and topped with ice, but the individual elements used cause controversy with every bar having its own idea of what defines the Cuban classic.

From the type of rum used and whether mint should be muddled or clapped, to – whisper it – the use of Sprite to top the drink off, our panel this month give their opinions on what makes the mighty Mojito truly magical.

Thomas Aske, co-founder of Fluid Movement, Edmund Weil, owner of Nightjar, and Dan Priseman, partner at NOLA bar, all offer their perspectives.

We divide their advice into three separate sections: recipe for disaster, what to remember and how to impress.

Click through the following pages to see how to make the perfect Mojito cocktail. 

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