Dave Broom publishes Whisky Manual

18th March, 2014 by Becky Paskin

Whisky writer Dave Broom has published a new book explaining how readers should drink the brown spirit.


Dave Broom’s Whisky: The Manual explores 103 whiskies’ mixability with drinks like green tea and soda

Whisky: The Manual explores how both malts and blends can be drunk with a variety of mixers, including soda, coconut water, cola, ginger ale and green tea, rating each combination out of five.

Some whiskies however, carry a rating of n/a, where they should ever be mixed but enjoyed on their own.

As well as providing tasting notes on 103 whiskies’ compatibility with the mixers, and a selection of cocktail recipes, Broom explores whisky’s history and production with a detailed intro that earns the book its “manual” title.

“This is a book about how to drink whisky,” Broom said. “To be (slightly) more precise, this is a book about how whisky has been enjoyed down the centuries, and it offers ideas on how to maximize pleasure when you next look at an off-license shelf or back bar.”

Whisky: The Manual also features sections on whisky and food pairings.

It’s available in book shops now at an RRP of £14.99.

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