Biggest spirits brand reinventions

4th February, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

In a ruthless marketplace, spirits brands are adopting increasingly innovative tactics to remain contemporary and unique – here’s our list of the biggest spirits brand reinventions.

drambuie liqueurs

Drambuie whisky liqueur is one spirits brand to feature on our list of the biggest spirits brand reinventions

Whether to pump new life into a flagging brand or expand the consumer base of an old favourite, companies are consistently seeking ways to broaden their appeal.

The much-maligned liqueurs category is one which has seen some of the most reinvention over recent years in an attempt to shed its dusty and out-of-date image.

Against stiff competition and with an enthusiastic customer base always seeking the “next big thing,” Scotch whisky and brandy are also categories  demonstrating renewal, revival and reinvention.

Vodka brands also appear a couple of times on our list, undergoing modernising makeovers to help them stand out in a particularly saturated category.

With millions of pounds pumped into each project, the stakes are high, but, if brands are successful in their makeover endeavours, rewards can be huge.

Click through the following pages to see our pick of the biggest spirits brand reinventions.

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