The Bars to Watch in 2014: UK

11th November, 2013 by SB Staff Writer

The UK has probably the most eclectic and downright unusual bar culture in the world, as Jim Wrigley discovers in his roundup of the UK Bars to Watch in 2014


Style and an eclectic back bar are inherent to the UK Bars to Watch in 2014

The British bars regaling the list of those to watch in 2013 comprised of hot dogs, ping pong and a bucket-load of fun, but this year things are getting more serious, with the 2014 pick taking much of their inspiration from around the world.

Dan Priseman, an industry stalwart known most recently for his work as Four Roses Bourbon’s UK band ambassador, is a self-confessed regressive, returning to his roots as a bartender with the blindingly popular NOLA in London’s equally trendy Shoreditch.

Taking its cues from New Orleans, the bar is packed with plenty of soul and has even attracted the likes of Ghostbuster-turned-vodka owner Dan Aykroyd, who has been known to bust out a choon or two.

Continuing the globetrotting trend is a suitably named concept from the famous Tony Conigliaro, which although at the time of writing was still site-less, is expected to be nothing short of extraordinary once open. Airmail, as with NOLA, will take inspiration from overseas, drawing on a number of cities and cultures from around the world.

Readers will notice a significant lack of bars from outside London in our pick of the bars to watch for 2014. This is not a reflection on the quality of establishments elsewhere in the country, more that so many fascinating concepts are taking off in the nation’s capital it would be imprudent not to include them.

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3 Responses to “The Bars to Watch in 2014: UK”

  1. sean fitzgerald says:

    Erm, ‘UK’ bars to watch which are all in London and one in Bristol. I guess we have pubs up north and not bars then.

  2. Edinburgh? says:

    ‘UK’ Bars to watch…. gonna need a telescope to watch them from up north!

  3. Edinburgh! says:

    There is not a single bar in Edinburgh on here? No Lucky Liquor? No Bramble? No Devil’s Advocate? No Last Word? No Bon Vivant? This list cannot be trusted, therefore, to represent the Uk when actually a lot of ideas and concepts are coming out of Edinburgh.

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