Iceberg Vodka “takes advantage” of Rob Ford scandal

20th November, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Canadian brand Iceberg Vodka has been accused of taking advantage of the drinking and driving allegations against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


Iceberg Vodka is accused of opportunism after being named as a favourite tipple of disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

The disgraced mayor has been accused of smoking crack cocaine and drinking and driving in a police document leaked to the media last week.

According to the report, one former staff member told police that Ford drank a litre of vodka in his car in two minutes before driving away. Another member of staff told police she bought Ford a bottle of vodka twice a week, with his preference being for Iceberg Vodka.

The revelations have since prompted the brand to release a public statement warning against drinking and driving.

On Friday 15 November, the company said on Twitter: “Iceberg Vodka whole heartedly believes that ‘if you drink, don’t drive’. Driving under the influence of alcohol is unacceptable and inexcusable behavior.

“Iceberg Vodka is the largest Canadian-owned producer of vodka and we thank Canadians from coast to coast who enjoy our products responsibly.

“Iceberg Vodka encourages all of our consumers to enjoy safely and responsibly.”

However many have been quick to blame Iceberg Vodka of taking the opportunity to promote itself while the world’s attention is focused on Mayor Ford.

“I would really love to see the swing in LCBO sales of Iceberg Vodka following all this Fordsy gold…”, @nicknemeth said on Twitter, while @PattieCTV said: “Iceberg Vodka got a promotional lift from Rob Ford”.

However Iceberg Vodka CEO David Meyers defended his company’s actions: “We took an approach that we would lie low and this would blow over,” he told Bloomberg. “When we heard about drinking and driving, that’s when it crossed a line for us from a responsibility point of view.”

“Now we have their attention, and then it shifts to conversations such as, ‘Do you know we harvest icebergs?’”

Iceberg Vodka is the only brand in the world to harvest the water to create its vodka from icebergs off the Canadian coast.

Meyers claims it is too early to say whether the brand’s connection with the allegations surrounding Mayor Ford will impact sales.

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