The whiskeys that made Breaking Bad

26th September, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Breaking Bad may be coming to an end but the legacy left for some of the whiskey brands featured in the hit show are expected to live on.


Breaking Bad comes to an end on Sunday, but the legacy for the whiskeys it features will live on

AMC’s award-winning show, which draws to a close this Sunday 29 September, has featured several well-known whiskey brands during its five seasons.

As fans followed the journey of Walter White’s descent from revered high school teacher to feared drug baron, they may have noticed a handful of whiskeys and other spirit brands crop up along the way as the characters’ favourite drinks.

Product placement is rife in American dramas, especially from spirit brands making an appearance in trendy hit shows such as True Blood, Dexter and The Sopranos.

But whiskey in particular, and a certain fictional brand of Tequila, have been integral to the storyline of Breaking Bad.

Click through the following pages to see which ones they are. Beware, there are spoilers!

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