Hendrick’s Gin embraces sci-fi at Humburg airport

5th September, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

Hendrick’s Gin targeted holiday-makers with a penchant for the weird and wacky in a sci-fi-inspired promotion scheme last month.

Hendrick's Gin GOSH

The GOSH theatrical promotion scheme aimed to enhance the profile of the Hendrick’s Tea Time Gift Pack

Travellers flying from Hamburg airport, Germany, had the opportunity to sit inside the Gin Oscillating Sensory Helmut (GOSH) and take part in a theatrical experiment.

The initiative is run in conjunction with Heinemann Duty Free and involves shop staff dressing up in scientific uniforms and asking customers to sign a fake legal waiver and don a white lab coat. Participants then select flying goggles and head gear before taking part in the GOSH experiment.

Once suited in the appropriate attire, passengers were directed to the ‘helmet dome’ which then captures them in a theatrically simulated ‘gin vapour’ while the store ambassador explains the qualities of Hendrick’s Gin.

The spectacle continued once the experiment concludes with staff checking the health of the passenger, who were then given a graduation scroll and invited to the ‘Recovery Bar’ where they were given a complimentary Hendrink’s Gin cocktail.

WGS business manager Ian Waddington said: “Theatre at every stage of the activation is crucial to its success, building anticipation and engagement from start through to the final presentation of the scroll.

“In true Hendrick’s style, GOSH is like no other brand activation – fun, lively and, at the same time, educational and interesting.”

The activation served to promote Hendrick’s Tea Time Gift Pack – a set which allows consumers to enjoy Hendrick’s gin in teacup cocktails.

“We can always rely on William Grant & Sons to create a truly standout promotion for Hendrick’s Gin,” said Rüdiger Stelkens, purchase director at Heinemann.

“The theming has been excellent and the activation has really attracted a huge amount of attention from passengers. We’re delighted with the results.”

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