World’s 10 largest brandy & Cognac brands

1st July, 2013 by Becky Paskin

A staple accessory for the most famous of hip hop stars, the world’s largest brandy/Cognac brands have shaken off their association with the after-dinner drinks trolley.


More than a cigar lounge nightcap – the world’s largest brandy and Cognac brands

Once a spirit consumed by cigar-puffing gentlemen post-dinner, Cognac and brandy has gained something of a global following, with the biggest brand in our list selling over 10 million cases a year.

Nowadays the spirit is more often associated with partying hip-hop stars with whole bottles shared at star-studded nightclubs, while brand names frequently make an appearance in chart-topping songs.

Of course those brands preferred by cool hip-hop artists are owned and marketed by the big multi-nationals, but there is – as with most spirit categories – a huge collection of Indian-made brands comprising the bulk of this list.

As we prepare to publish our Brand Champions 2013 feature next Monday (8 July) – our pick of those brands selling over one million cases annually that are performing exceptionally within their category – we run through which are the world’s largest brandy/Cognac brands on the market today.

Click through the following pages to discover which are the 10 largest brandy/ Cognac brands.

4 Responses to “World’s 10 largest brandy & Cognac brands”

  1. Kiran says:

    India is growing on it Brandy and Vodka base. You will be interested to read about the ultra-premium brandy from India. and

  2. Alberto says:

    I am hoping you can help me. I have a bottle of Brandy that I cannot identify.
    It is labeled ALADDIN French Brandy X.O.
    It is made by J. Delpech & Fil, 16300 Barret – France
    That is the entirety of the label. Any help would be most welcome.

    • Joyce says:

      Did you ever find out any information on this bottle? I also have one and I can’t find any info. Mine is clear and the shape of a genie bottle.

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