Heaven Hill’s High Rise Vodka combats “lack of personality”

18th April, 2013 by Chris Cox

Heaven Hill has released new premium vodka High Rise, designed to challenge the category that “lacks character and personality”.

Heaven Hill High Rise Premium Vodka

High Rise Vodka will feature a set of distinctive labels

High Rise Vodka is positioned as a ‘retro’ spirit designed to evoke the ‘style and sophistication’ of the 1960s cocktail era, with several bottle labels depicting classic scenes of the time from a rooftop cocktail party to a cabana party with swim caps and high heels.

“The distinctive High Rise Vodka concept was developed to stand out amongst a competitive set lacking character and personality,” said Reid Hafer, senior brand manager at Heaven Hill.

“The product is first and foremost a quality vodka but it represents a classic time and culture that appreciated quality but is not traditional or staid.”

Described as an “aromatic and creamy vodka”, High Rise is distilled five times using winter wheat from the Finger Lakes region of New York with limestone water.

The 40% abv vodka is launching in 11 markets across the US this spring alongside two additional flavours – Cherry and Citrus.

High Rise vodka is available in 50ml, 750ml and 1.75L volumes, with a suggested retail price of US$12.99 for the 750ml bottle.

It follows hot on the heels of another new Heaven Hill product, Cinerator cinnamon whiskey.


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