Cleo Rocos releases guide to The Power of Positive Drinking

16th April, 2013 by Samantha Graham

‘Tequila Queen of the UK’ Cleo Rocos is teaching consumers how to be the life and soul of the party without the hangover with new book The Power of Positive Drinking.

Cleo Rocos The Power of Positive Drinking

Cleo Rocos The Power of Positive Drinking is available in hardback and eBook for £

The Kenny Everrett Show star explains everything you need to know about how to drink well, from ‘The Skinny on Skinny Cocktail’s’ to ‘The Perils of Party Planning’.

Through recipes, quizzes, quotes and jokes, Cleo shares the secrets to drinking gin, Champagne, vodka, Tequila and wine.

“This isn’t a guide on how to get drunk. This is a master class on how to drink and be merry,” said Rocos.

“I want to teach you how to drink successfully. How to reach that delicious level of intoxication where you and your fellow drinkers become the favourite versions of ourselves and stay there.”

No stranger to partying, comedy actress and president of the UK Tequila Society Rocos launched her own brand of Tequila AquaRiva in the UK last year and is known for her cocktail parties in London.

Now she is imparting her wisdom on, “how to ensure that every drinking occasion snowballs into a glorious and triumphant event.”

Cleo’s drinking guide also includes tips on low calorie cocktails, how to stay fresh on a plane and even hangover-free alcohol.

She added: “No one wants to wake up the next day feeling as though their head is in a small shoe.”

The Power of Positive Drinking published by Square Peg is available in hardback and as an eBook for £9.99.

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  1. malena says:

    Cleo and I would get on very well…..Cheers Cleo!!!

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