The US$1,000 liqueur that comes with a bike

4th January, 2013 by Becky Paskin

A liqueur company has designed some unique gift packaging that for US$1,000 can be ridden away after purchase.

St-Germain bicycle elderflower liqueur

The US$1,000 bicycle features a handy St-Germain liqueur bottle holder

St-Germain has created a unique “modern vintage” bicycle to carry its eponymous elderflower liqueur.

The kitsch French-style bicycle comes complete with a St-Germain bottle holder strapped to the frame, allowing users to “ensure there is never a shortage of St-Germain cocktails as you picnic or bar hop on the weekends”.

The brand claims the bicycle is a homage to the days when elderflower blossoms were handpicked by farmers travelling from field to field by bike.

Featuring Michelin tyres and a Brooks Flyer leather saddle and ‘mid-century brass bell’, the bike is certainly one of the most elaborate gift packages on the market.

Those seeking to buy a bottle of St-Germain elderflower liqueur on its own however, could save themselves around US$965 and forgo the bike. They would need to find their own mode of transport home though.

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