Scotch distilleries encouraged to sell through Amazon

7th January, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Scotland Food and Drink is hosting an event to encourage Scotch distilleries to sell their products on Amazon.

Scotch amazon

Amazon has been selling alcohol since 2008

Sales of alcohol through the online retailer have been growing since it started selling wine in the US in 2008.

Now it is looking to strengthen its range of whisky and spirits and is keen to meet distillers with a portfolio of high-end products.

As such and Scotland Food and Drink are hosting an event at Clydesdale Bank in Glasgow on 31 January to introduce distilleries to the benefits of selling via online retail.

Amazon said in a statement: “ is looking for a broad range of whisky and spirits to strengthen their current range, but is particularly interested in meeting distillers who are able to offer high-end products including premium spirits and malt whisky. “

For more information, visit the Scotland Food and Drink website.

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