The Situation suing Devotion Vodka for US$5m

20th November, 2012 by Andy Young

Reality television star The Situation is suing Devotion Vodka after he claims the company has reneged on an endorsement deal.

The Situation vodka Devotion

The Situation with a bottle of Devotion Vodka

According to US website The Situation, otherwise known as Mike Sorrentino, has filed a lawsuit over the deal, which was signed in 2010.

Sorrentino, who shot to fame in the TV show Jersey Shore, alleges that although he was given an 8% stake in the company as part of the deal, Devotion have failed to add a further 2%. He claims he was entitled to this share on their one-year anniversary.

The court documents also state that Sorrentino alleges Devotion failed to provide him with a US$400,000 “buy-back” option for his shares on their two-year anniversary and that the company failed to supply him with sales reports.

Sorrentino has recently completed a spell in rehab, but has claimed that despite being sober he has carried on with his contractual obligations from the endorsement deal.

Devotion Vodka contains a clear protein called Casein, which is added in a “special process”. Casein can help bodybuilders increase muscle and decrease body fat and on its website the brand says, “Devotion Vodka is both an ultra premium spirit and a lifestyle choice”.

TMZ said that Sorrentino is suing for his entire 10% share in the company, thought to be worth as much as $5m. As yet Devotion has not responded to the lawsuit or any of the claims made by Sorrentino.

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