Sunlight sparks store vodka fire

6th November, 2012 by Becky Paskin

Store owners are being warned to be careful where they display spirits, after sunlight caused a case of vodka to catch fire at a liquor store in Minnesota, US.

Vodka sunlight fire

Sunlight caused a case of vodka to catch fire at the Red Lion Liquor store in Minnesota

According to, a fire broke out at Red Lion Liquors in aptly-named Burnsville after a shelf of vodka bottles magnified sunlight onto nearby cardboard, which then became so hot it caught fire.

Surveillance cameras captured the inferno, which began with smoke rising from a shelf of vodka bottles. Eventually the heat becomes so intense that the tops pop off the bottles, spraying hot vodka around the room.

The store suffered from smoke damaged which forced it shut for two weeks. It has now reopened thanks to the emergency sprinkler system kicking in quickly.

The shop has since tinted its windows to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Watch the news report, including the incredible surveillance footage, here:

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