Female bartenders at the top of their game

8th March, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

To mark International Women’s Day, The Spirits Business is celebrating the talents of 10 pioneering female bartenders from around the world.

The Dead Rabbit’s Jillian Vose features in our round-up of leading female bartenders

International Women’s Day (8 March) serves as an important reminder of the work that has already been done in the fight for gender equality – and also highlights that a good deal still needs to be done.

The on-trade is largely a progressive sector – particularly in its acknowledgment that further advancement is needed to establish gender parity for both staff and consumers.

Indeed, last year the bartender collective P(our) hosted a conference dedicated to exploring gender, and questioned whether the industry promotes equality, and if not, asked what could be done to change this.

Of course, men and women both contribute to what is a thriving cocktail scene, but international bartending competitions and global awards are often spearheaded by a predominantly male force. Last year, just two women were included in the International Bartender of the Year longlist for the Spirited Awards in New Orleans.

Here, we shine a light on 10 trailblazing bartenders, bar managers and bar owners from around the world – all of them women. Of course there are many more talented women not included – and we raise our glass to them today, on International Women’s Day!

Click through the following pages to read about the stories of 10 leading female bartenders.

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