The spirits trends to watch in 2018

2nd January, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

Cognac & brandy

The Cognac category is increasingly experimenting with cask finishing, with brands such as Courvoisier and Cognac Ferrand pioneering the trend. Other grape-­based cask finishes may follow next year.

China’s long­-running austerity measures affected the Cognac sector significantly – particularly at the high end. However, older expressions experienced an emphatic return to growth in 2016/17, and both XO and vintage expressions will resume their importance in international portfolios.

Cognac will continue to promote itself as an important cocktail component, and the opening of bars such as Luciole – a Cognac-­focused bar launched in France by Tony Conigliaro – will do wonders for the spirit’s prevalence in mixed drinks.

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