Russian Standard debuts Fabergé bottle

18th May, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Russian Standard Vodka is readying to launch a limited edition Fabergé bottle in the US and Canada next month, the second design in a series inspired by the decorative technique.

The limited release Russian Standard Fabergé Edition is inspired by Fabergé art

Russian Standard Fabergé Edition is the second in a series inspired by Fabergé art. The ancient technique uses intricate patterns incorporating enamels and gemstones used most commonly in jewellery-making and for decorating small objects.

Russian Standard has partnered with to pre-sell the limited edition bottle before it hits select stores in US and Canada next month.

“Russian Standard Vodka has a very loyal and devoted following in the US market – the Fabergé limited edition bottle highlights something unique and beautiful about Russian Standard’s heritage,” said Giulio Bertozzi, VP marketing for Roust USA. “It is our core mission to continue delivering authentic products and experiences to our consumer base.”

Russian Standard Vodka Fabergé edition is available for pre-sale online at the at an RRP of US$23.00 per 70cl bottle.

In February this year, Russian Standard Vodka entered the Icelandic market for the first time after signing a distribution deal with Haugen-Gruppen.

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