Top 10 cocktail trends for 2016

4th November, 2015 by Kristiane Sherry

The Winston Expensive Cocktail

1. Premiumisation reigns supreme

Premium spirits, and consumer interest in them, are one of the biggest forces driving the cocktail market, said Carter. Over the past five years, premium spirits saw a significant uptick (all figures IWSR) with Tequilas in that price bracket seeing sales increase 197%, brandy by 160%, Japanese spirits by 113%, vodka 107%, and Bourbon 101%. “We expect to see the more unusual spirits also performing strongly… Tequila is a very buoyant market. On the back of that we expect to see sales of all cocktail ingredients increasing.” Base spirit sales will of course benefit, but so too will syrups and bitters, premixed and at-home serves, she forecasted. Beyond base spirits, premiusation will occur across the cocktail menu through use of vegetables, shrubs, dried and smoked fruits, and foraged ingredients, with many of these made at one.”It’s already happening but we predict it will become greater,” Carter added.


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