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Top 10 funny spirits names

These suggestive, outlandish, tongue-in-cheek and quirky brands included in our list of the top 10 funny spirits names are sure to prompt a chuckle or two.

Click through the following pages to see our pick of the top 10 funny spirits names

Whether a pastis which pays homage to the southern British coast, a sexually explicit vodka, or a Tequila named after animal urine, many a spirits producer seize the opportunity have a little fun with their brand names.

For others, laughs were incidental, such as Smirnoff Penka, which when translated from Russian to English, has a less than appealing meaning.

Spirits named after their celebrity founder also feature on this list, as does an “adult rum”, Chicken Cock whiskey and a couple of, let’s say, masculine vodkas.

Click through the following pages to discover the top 10 funny spirits names. If you think we’ve missed any which deserve a mention, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Cornish Pastis

Said to be the first pastis produced in the UK, Tarquin’s Cornish Pastis, created by Southwestern Distillery, exemplifies a clever bit of word play on the world-famous Cornish pasties.

Though no trace of potato or meat will be found in the spirit, Cornish Pastis is a traditionally French spirit made with star anise and liquorice, alongside other exotic herbs and an addition of Gorse flowers foraged himself from Cornish cliff tops.

It is recommended the spirit is enjoyed with water, orange or as part of a Martini.

Donkey Piss Tequila

Described as an “ultra-premium” Tequila, it seems unlikely that Donkey Piss would have encountered any competition at the trademark office when it launched in 2013.

The brand was created by Juan Jose Garcia Gomez, on his family’s agave farm outside of the Mexican village of Peche’, and released by drinks distributor Libation Nation.

“While our name is fun, our taste is serious,” said Jeff Myers, co-founder of Libation Nation. “At Libation Nation we know that not all tequila is created equally. So we made a Tequila that was fun to order and excellent to drink.”

Stiffy’s Vodka

The perceived racy name of Stiffy’s Jaffa Cake Vodka caused the brand to be banned by the Portman Group in November 2011 over concerns it was inappropriately linked to sex.

However the producer of the vodka, Stiffy’s Shots Ltd, said the name had been chosen because “Stiffy” was the nickname of a person involved in the drink’s development, rather than for its sexual connotations.

The company then changed its name to Stivy’s.

Porn Vodka

Continuing with a no-so-subtle suggestive theme, our next selection is Porn Vodka, described as an “exclusive drink for those who know exactly what they want”.

The German brand is, unsurprisingly, marketed as “an exotic pleasure” and features an array of suggestive images.

Herr Vodka

While the name Herr Vodka, meaning “Mr Vodka” in German, might not seem too hilarious at first glance, its placement on a vodka bottle that is shaped like a phallus, is bizarre and funny in equal measure.

Just to make the bottle just that little bit more strange, the words “Herr is with you” are printed on its side. The vodka is no longer available.

Bong Spirit

Similarly, it is the packaging in conjunction with the name that makes Bong Spirit rather amusing.

The bong-shaped vodka bottles are said to represent the communal function of drinking and celebrate the role of the bong in the underground arts culture, taking the concept of the beer bong to a whole new level.

Smirnoff Penka

The ill-concieved name of Diageo’s super-premium Polish vodka brand, Penka, which translates from Russia to English as “skin; scum, foul film or slime that forms atop a liquid”, prompted a snigger or two from the drinks trade.

Initially created in 2005 under the group’s Smirnoff label, Penka is also defined by the urban dictionary as a Spanish insult meaning “lazy, slut, whore.”

Ron de Jeremy Rum

Labelled as the “adult rum”, Ron de Jeremy Rum was launched in 2011 by porn legend Ron Jeremy – who named in the Guinness World Records as the man who has made the most appearances in adult films, with more than 2,000.

Handcrafted by 72-year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, Ron de Jeremy rum is described as an “exceptionally well-balanced” 7-year old rum from Panama.

The rum is also said to have a “long, smooth taste”…

Chicken Cock Whiskey

Chicken Cock Whiskey has roots that go back to 1856, when its name might not have been greeted with such bouts of giggling as it is today.

Forced to move production to Canada when Prohibition started, Chicken Cock was smuggled across the border in tin cans, where it rose to fame as a popular serve at some of the era’s most famous speakeasies.

After disappearing post-Prohibition, the brand has relaunched with a range of flavours including Cinnamon, Root Beer, and Southern Spiced


Amusing due to its seemingly unashamed egotism, Mansinthe is named after both its creator, goth rocker Marilyn Manson, and its category, absinthe.

Swiss absinthe brand Mansinthe was launched in 2007 following two years of experimentation by Manson, Oliver Matter and Markus Lion. The label on the bottle even features an original artwork by Manson, entitled “When I Get Old”.

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