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The world’s 10 largest vodka brands

With our 2013 Brand Champions feature due to be published onlline on 8 July, we run through which are the world’s largest vodka brands.

The world's largest vodka brands
Which are the world’s largest vodka brands?

On Monday we listed the World’s largest Scotch whisky brands, but as we make our way through the categories, the world’s second most popular spirit by volume is sure to deliver brands with some hefty figures, and this list does not disappoint. Its leading brand is also ranked as the largest spirit in the world.

The category as a whole has seen remarkable growth in the last year, with many brands returning to pre-recession volume levels, perhaps bolstered by the popularity of flavoured vodka in western markets, particularly the US.

The list includes both domestic and international brands, from those companies responding to our request for information. Regular readers may find a few brands omitted from our Brand Champions 2013, most notable of which are those owned by Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC), which declined to be included this year in light of its takeover by Roustam Tariko’s Russian Standard.

Click through the following pages to discover which are the world’s largest vodka brands.

10. Stolichnaya


2012 case sales: 3.4m
2011 case sales: 3.3m
Growth in 2012: 3%

Often chosen as the house pour in bars all over the world Stolichnaya, owned by SPI Group, has been growing its presence in both the on- and off-trade with its ‘Most Original Vodka’ marketing campaign over the last two years. With 3% volume growth in 2012, the campaign has paid off. Of course the investment in its flavoured extensions has contributed to the growth somewhat. Last year saw the addition of Salted Karamel to the brand’s portfolio, a flavour Stoli claims to be the first to have created.

9. Skyy

Skyy Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 3.7m
2011 case sales: 3.5m
Growth in 2012: 6%

Gruppo Campari has continued to promote its premium vodka Skyy with a number of provocative advertsiing campaigns over the last year. Today it is the number one domestic premium vodka in the US and the fifth biggest premium vodka worldwide, its core markets being the US, Brazil, Canada and Italy.

8. Grey Goose

Grey-Goose Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 3.8m
2011 case sales: 3.8m
Growth in 2012: 0%

Bacardi’s super-premium vodka, created in the Cognac region of France, has seen its global demand slow somewhat in the last year, although volume growth has never lifted above 2% in the past five years. May 2012 saw the launch of the brand’s first new flavour in five years – Cherry Noir, sales of which have done little to bolster Grey Goose’s overall growth as yet, although a North America roll-out is still continuing. Grey Goose may not stay in this position for long through. With 47% growth in 2012, Diageo’s Ciroc, while not on the top 10 list at present, is looking likely to overtake Grey Goose in the next few years.

7. Svedka


2012 case sales: 3.9m
2011 case sales: 3.7m
Growth in 2012: 5%

The Constellation Brands-owned vodka is one of the few brands to have continued growing volume in the past five years. Distributed in the US only, Svedka is manufactured by the Swedish farmer’s co-op Lantmännen on behalf of Constellation Brands. The range consists of an original edition, plus several flavours.

6. Zoladkowa de Luxe

Zoladkowa-de-Luxe Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 4.3m
2011 case sales: 4.6m
Growth in 2012: -7%

After rocketing into the limelight in 2009 as the fastest-growing spirit on the planet, with a record 184% growth, Zoladkowa de Luxe has seen volume steadily decline to 4.3m cases in 2012. The Stock Spirits-owned brand counts Poland as its largest market.

5. Krupnik

Krupnik Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 5.1m
2011 case sales: 4.5m
Growth in 2012: 13%

Krupnik vodka is continuing to record strong growth as brand owner Belvedere Group continues its roll-out across the world stage. Alreay available in Austria, China, Germany and the US, the brand is also beginning its debut in Italy, Spain and France.

4. Pyat Ozer

Pyat-Ozer Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 7m
2011 case sales: 6.6m
Growth in 2012: 6%

The biggest-selling Siberian vodka brand has maintained its steady growth rate since 2009, building on 2011’s 6.6m cases to become the fourth-largest vodka brand in the world.

3. Belenkaya

Belenkaya Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 7.3m
2011 case sales: 7.1m
Growth in 2012: 3%

The final domestic vodka brand in our line-up is a Russian brand with a strong following in its native country. Available in four varieties~: Belenkaya, Belenkaya Lux, Belenkaya Gold and Belenkaya Cedar, the brand may not be known outside of Eastern Europe but with 7.3m case sales a year, has forged a place at number three on this list.

2. Absolut

Absolut Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 11.5m
2011 case sales: 11.2m
Growth in 2012: 3%

Constant product innovation, in both flavours and bottle design with endless limited editions – which last year included the Absolut Unique range of four million individually designed bottles – Absolut is steadily maintaining a positive growth rate with 11.5m cases sold in 2012. Leaps ahead of its nearest premium rival Skyy, which sold 3.7m cases in 2012, Absolut has a long way to go to catch up to the world’s largest vodka brand.

1. Smirnoff

Smirnoff Worlds largest vodka brands

2012 case sales: 25.8m
2011 case sales: 24.7m
Growth in 2012: 4%

The world’s largest spirit brand, let alone the world’s largest vodka brand, Smirnoff has returned to its pre-recession volumes with a 4% growth in 2012. With a countless number of flavours, most of which are aimed at the US market, Smirrnoff has ensured not only longevity with its position as a house pour, but domination of the growing flavoured vodka market. Its key markets include the US of course, but also the UK, South Africa, Canada and Ireland.

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