Top Ten: New spirit launches in September

4th October, 2012 by Marinel FitzSimons

7 Dials Gin

7 Dials Gin
This latest Masters of Malt creation is a cold-distillation gin which is named after famous London location 7 Dials which in the 19th century was associated with “chronic want” and “vicious”, “semi-criminal” behaviour (as depicted by William Hogarth in “Gin Lane”, 1751, above right).

The gin, which is described as big and spicy, harks back to then, the heyday of full-flavoured, spice-fuelled spirits.

7 Dials is flavoured with 7 different botanicals, including the traditional gin base of juniper, as well as a mix of coriander, angelica, marshmallow root, clementine peel, cardamom and almond.

It is available exclusively from Master of Malt for £39.95.

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