The Brand Champions 2018

The definitive guide to leading spirits brands' year-on-year sales performance

This year’s Brand Champions list has some surprises in store – a number of products and categories have staged a comeback, while others struggled to retain share. Compiled by The Spirits Business editorial team.

The breadth of today’s spirits industry means its performance is inextricably tied to changes in the political, economic and cultural landscape. Any number of international developments can seal the fate of both global and local brands, and such changes are often completely unpredictable. In this infinitely complex market, achieving and retaining sales of one million cases or more is a remarkable feat.

Our Brand Champions report, published annually, surveys the performance of the Goliaths of the drinks world, assessing the factors that affected their volume sales in the previous calendar year.

The Spirits Business team independently sourced the data from hundreds of brands from all around the globe, and crunched the figures to find which are falling, which are soaring and which are standing still. We then selected a Brand Champion for each category – a title bestowed for outstanding achievement in growth, consistency and innovation, as opposed to sheer size.

This year’s list of champions spans international sensations and local players with hulking volumes. Some are – relative to the Brand Champions ranks – smaller brands that are new to the million­-case ranks, while others are long­time industry fixtures.

*The Brand Champions data is listed to one decimal place for ease of reading, but the percentage changes are based on the full data supplied. All brand data is supplied in millions of nine-­litre cases.

Click on the categories below to discover the Supreme Brand Champion, as well as The Brand Champions 2018 of each individual category.

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