‘World’s first’ emoji-only menu lands in London

15th July, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

London restaurant and bar The Little Yellow Door has introduced its Emoji Only Menu, thought to be the first of its kind in the world.

Emoji only menu WEBEmojis – the small digital images or icons used to express ideas and emotions – have been used to represent various dishes on the menu. The mushroom icon indicates truffles, for example, and the rocket ship represents rocket.

Guests at the restaurant then order dishes and cocktails from the seasonal selection via WhatsApp, using the emojis to represent dishes.

Waiters are also on hand, just in case the digital immersion gets too much.

See the below for the menu in full – can you decipher the dishes?

The Little Yellow Door’s summer special Emoji-Only Menu is available now offering two courses and a cocktail for £15.

EMOJI Menu.pdf

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