Bunnahabhain to use fishing boat for barrels

27th August, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Bunnahabhain has partnered with two contemporary artists to produce the first whisky finished in casks made from a former fishing boat – Hogshead 733.


This 1941 former fishing vessel will be transformed into whisky casks to finish Bunnahabhain

For the last two years, artists Maxime Berthou and Mark Pozlep have been busy restoring a Brittany fishing boat from 1941 back to its original state.

The pair have begun a 733 mile sailing journey from Trebeurden in Brittany, France, to the Bunnahabhain Distillery in Islay, Scotland.

“The inspiration for this project stems from the human longing for new discoveries and nostalgia for traditional, handmade craftsmanship, something we’ve moved away from in today’s modern society,” said Berthou. “For Mark and me, this is a journey about transformation, adventure, passion, labour and whisky.

“It has taken us two years to get to this stage and we are excited to finally be on our way to Bunnahabhain.”

The boat is scheduled to arrive in Islay at the end of September where it will be taken apart and handmade into whisky casks.

Bunnahabhain will be put into the casks to finish before being bottled and sold.

“We are really excited to announce the Hogshead 733 collaboration with Maxime and Mark,” commented Alison Gibb, global marketing manager at Burn Stewart. “Bunnahabhain, with its rich tradition of nautical tales, makes us a natural partner for the project.

“We wish them lots of luck on their journey and look forward to welcoming them at Bunnahabhain Distillery.”

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