Ke Spirits launches 500-year-old recipe gin

6th May, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Texas-based producer Ke Spirits has launched a gin made using a 500-year-old recipe, which it claims will “change how people think of gin”.


Ke Gin is available to buy now in select stores in the US

The new release, Ke Gin, is made from a “pure, natural” spirit called ke using a “secret” Barry family recipe that dates back 500 years, according to Joe Barry, CEO of Ke Spirits.

“Ke Gin is going to change how people think of gin,” commented Barry. “We’ve eliminated that pine needle taste and replaced it with a rich, smooth and refreshing experience.”

Ke Gin is recommended as suitable to sip neat on the rocks or mixed in a Gin and Tonic.

“The key to this amazing gin is balancing the dry and sweet botanicals, it’s a very long process,” said Henrik Facile, gin master at Ke Spirits. “The most important ingredient is the juniper berries, and ours are the very best in the world.

“The juniper in Ke Gin is soft, fresh and herby, never harsh. We also use cardamom along with coriander leaves to give our gin exciting, fresh notes.

“Balance that with the citrus character of Sicilian lemons and bitter oranges, and you have Ke Spirits Gin – a sophisticated, smooth and enchanting spirit.”

Ke Gin is available to purchase in select US retailers including Goody Goody stores, Total Wine stores and restaurants, bars and clubs with an RRP of US$27.99 per 750ml bottle.

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  1. I am the director for the North Texas Irish Festival in Fair Park, Dallas. I had talked in 2016 to David Lamoureux with Fluid drive media. We talked about featuring Ke Spirits at our whiskey tasting at the festival.

    I have tried several times to reach David with no success. Can you direct me to the person I can talk to about participating in our event this March. Thanks so much!

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