Fair Trade producer adds gin to stable

19th May, 2015 by Annie Hayes

Fair Spirits has created a gin made with “ethically sourced and sustainable” ingredients called Fair Juniper.


The gin is made by macerating juniper berries with coriander, cardamom and angelica

The new gin is the latest addition to a portfolio of rum, vodka and liqueurs on offer from the certified Fair Trade spirits brand.

The brand uses Fair Vodka as a base, macerating juniper berries with coriander, cardamom and angelica.

The gin is then distilled in a Stupfler alembic still and bottled at 42% abv.

The Fair Spirits website states: “The juniper berries are sourced from a nature reserve in Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Agriculture is the chief source of income for the mainly rural population, but many farmers live below the poverty line.

“Fairtrade spices are sourced in the Kerala region of South West India. This co-operative of nearly 3,050 farmers has three main objectives: to increase production, develop the social environment and promote and develop organic production.”

The tasting notes describe a “soft and delicate” palate, “fresh, strong juniper flavour” and “exquisite balance of selected spices.”

The gin is now available from Coe Vintners, Speciality Drinks, The Whisky Exchange and Harvey Nichols.

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