Trade body slams calls for alcohol calorie info

3rd November, 2014 by Melita Kiely

Calls for alcohol bottles to carry calorie information to tackle the UK’s obesity problems have been slammed by an advertising body for “spectacularly” missing the point.


The ISBA has hit back at calls for calorie content information on alcohol bottles claiming it “spectacularly” misses the point

On Friday, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) suggested alcohol bottles should carry labels informing consumers of how many calories they contain.

But Ian Twinn, The Voice of British Advertisers (ISBA) director of public affairs, hit back at the suggestions and claiming both obesity and excessive alcohol consumption are real issues the government has a stake in.

Twinn also suggests medical campaigners and pressure group activists “fail” to see the whole picture.

“Calls for yet more info on labels misses the point rather spectacularly,” he said.

“Alcohol producers, through the Portman Group and their support for the Drink Aware campaigns have consistently focused on the public’s mind on responsible drinking.

“Understanding the amount of alcohol and its impact is important to us all.

“Today’s PR campaign from the obesity lobby confuses the binge drinking and obesity messages.”

“Surely doctors and public health officials need to wonder why people do not understand the blindingly obvious that most food and drink will make us fat if we have too much and do not follow a balanced diet.

“Campaigns to make us aware of this simple fact would be a lot more effective than hectoring campaigns against consumers and businesses.”

Research by the RSPH  showed a “general lack of awareness” among consumers regarding how many calories are in alcoholic beverages and that 67% of the public back the move for more nutritional information on alcohol bottles.

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