Purity challenges Grey Goose’s claim of world’s tastiest vodka

4th June, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Swedish vodka Purity is challenging Grey Goose’s claim to be the world’s best tasting vodka in a new advertising campaign.

purity vodka

Purity Vodka claims its taste is better than Grey Goose, but its craft profile means it’s overlooked

Running in several respected US publications including the Wall Street Journal, Valet and The Sartorialist, the campaign encourages consumers to taste Purity and decide for themselves what the world’s best vodka really is.

“Grey Goose has been claiming for a long time to be the ‘world’s best tasting vodka’,” said Thomas Kuuttanen, founder and master blender of Purity Vodka. “I am very proud of my vodka and believe its taste speaks for itself. And, we have won quite a few awards to prove that, so, I thought we’d kick-off a friendly competition to let Grey Goose vodka drinkers decide.”

Developed by Iris Worldwide, the campaign is designed to draw attention to the little-known craft vodka brand’s award-winning flavor, which has won The Spirits Business Grand Vodka Master title two years running.

“We’re a craft brand but know that we have to make a bold and confident move in order to bring attention to our award-winning taste in a highly competitive category. We want to encourage vodka fans to taste us and then decide for themselves which they prefer,” said Andy Glaser, president and CEO of Purity Vodka. “We believe that some Grey Goose drinkers might prefer the taste of Purity Vodka.”

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