Athlete bassist creates own whisky Boxes Blend

1st February, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Carey Willetts, the bassist with British band Athlete, is to release his own blended whisky to celebrate his own solo music project.

Boxes-Blend Carey Willetts

Athlete bassist Carey Willetts believed the cover of his debut solo album Stickers would make a great whisky label

Boxes Blend has been created in collaboration with Master of Malt after Willetts was introduced to the online retailer via former A&R man Joel Harrison, now a co-founder of Caskstrength Creative.

Willetts, who has a fondness for both music and whisky, sought a blend that would complement his new project Boxes, which launched its debut album Stickers in May 2012.

“When we first began blending we ended up with light and almost summery whisky, and it was nice, but not quite right,” he said. “The Boxes Blend needed that hint of smoke, so we kept working until we got it right. My hope is that Boxes Blend has something for everyone.”

Boxes Blend, a 40% abv whisky, is described as having light and dark toffee notes with caramelised orange and vanilla custard too.

A 70cl bottle is available from Master of Malt for £54.95.

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